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Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

Henderson Uglacy Generation 7.3

Last time, the house had 11 sims and 7 dogs. It was hell. I moved in the meantime, and tried to get a taste back to play the game. I did. Apologies in advance for being incoherent. I'll try my best.

Uhhhhhhh HOT DOGS!

Ok, here's a baby, and it's her birthday.

Gramma Chris is VERY excited.

Yeah, ok, there we go. HOW WILL THIS CHILD LOOK!!!!!

~cake suspense~


And so, it looks like Ejection may be a clone of her older sister, Chair. She has the exact same personality. I guess we'll all see when she becomes a child.

Our heir, Pants, who was created by the self-pollination techniques of his mother, frequently hits the bars at night to look for a suitable spouse.

Obviously, ugly women are slim pickings around these parts.

Curatin's family with the old butler remains in the household for now. Here, we see darling Tassel, Curtain's alien sprog with the Maxis PT, facefirst in Chris's ass (her relation to him is complex. See the family tree linked at the end of the update)

Here's Pants himself, while his striking mother struts around in nothing but a string bikini.

The dogs of the household are on about generation 8, with this strapping young fellow, Schubert, being the doggy heir. LOOK AT THAT FACE

Ugly women remain in short supply.


"WTF, old dude, you're cramping my style."

One of Curtain's sprog with Richard (the ex-butler) appears to be having a birthday.

Oh, she'd be wonderful if she was eligible.

I mean, with a mother like THAT...

The small family had to move out shortly after, due to the lag issues that tend to happen with three expanding families in one household (the dogs count!)...and Pants' burning desire for Curtain.

Speaking of the dog family, check out the future mother of next generation's pups. I bred a schnauzer with the Crittur husky to produce this cutie.

Crossed with this, I'm sure to have prize-winning showdogs.

This is NOT acceptable breeding stock (she's my FC2 entry, Des, and is available to download here with absolutely NO CC).

Consider it done.

It's Ejection's birthday once again, and you still haven't seen Chair thus far in the update.

OSOCUTE but not uglacy stock :(

Who the fuck are YOU? Secondly, where have you been all this legacy?

Here's Ejection and Chair: exact clones.

Chair, though is going to grow up and probably look decent, as uglacy females tend to do.

~uh-huh~ I actually find those brows very endearing.

Snow! and PUPPIES! Thank you dothesmustle and wut for your contributions in naming the puppies.

Chair has found love...with my selfsim's son. This is ok by me.

Tetramino has found sun deprivation in winter. Those are her tits.

Who the fuck are y....omfg it's skittlebox in that thong bikini in front of a teenage male! HAVE YOU NO SHAME, BB?

Welcome to the best picture in the update: my frozen plantsim. Maxis overlays never looked so good!

Chris brings home youngmeat from work allll the time. Look at her eye him up.

Pants threw a sports party and invited all the ladies he knew. Do I sense a lesbian gangbang?



And so we have the adult dogs from the breed. This is Chode and Cornelius.

And this is Pukeface, who is the doggy heir.

Aww, happy doggy family.

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly

Would you like a Henderson? Get them here!
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