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Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

Henderson Uglacy Generation 8.1!

Last time, I just breezed through the update and showed off the ugly I had. I moved out some sims, bred some dogs, and generally entertained myself taking pictures of my sims.

Well, I'm GLAD you don't like her, buddy, because she's far too attractive for your family goal.

I don't know what colour your eyes are, but you are BLONDE. Too bad the heir doesn't like you...

Now, this looks safe. Poor girl, she just looks terrified.

Now, WHOO DO YOU LOOOOVE? Not goddamn Renee Wormwood.

Oh, this one?


It's between these two lovely ladies. On closer inspection, they are actually the same template. Well, I'll take the darer-skinned one, thanks.

Renee, you are NOT wanted.

:( Want you.

What the HELL are you doing?

Oh, it was your birthday?

Goddamn gorgeous.

Well, Amar, I'm glad you like her, but you are practically a grandfather, ok?

Yay a dog!

See, I wanted her...but it turns out she doesn't have a face that contrasts with Pants'.

And then this happened.

And no one cared but me.

THIS ONE. SHE IS IT. With her tiny nose and dark skin and light hair and eyes. Actually, she had red hair and blonde eyebrows. I just did what I could.

She walked by, clearly too gorgeous for this family.

Well, Chair grew up...and who the hell...goddammit, WHY are there always sims skinny-dipping on this lot?!

Oh, I can never wait to breed the dogs.


Three white puppies. I totally forget at this time what I named them.

Ejection needed to workout or something. She wants to be a Hall of Famer and an overacheiver.

I found out this woman is a Romance sim, which sucks for her.

Oh god, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children? I know I am.

Thanks for the hot tub, Rose, but we already have a sweet inground one.

So, guess what? I installed ACR finally.

And then Grim came.

But it was only for the dog, so it was ok.

This was NOT ok. There are still 8 dogs in the house while I wait for the puppies to grow up so I can townie/sell the spares.

Yup, ACR. They're soooo cute, though. Ever since the install, all they want to do is sweet little interactions with each other.

I sent Pants on a date with the woman I've chosen for him...and when I maximised the game they had already fucked in the photobooth. Have I mentioned she's a Romance sim?

She still wanted to get engaged, though, so I did that during the date. It was a dream date.

Schubert: "no, goddammit this is ass" Please note the careful censoring by the dog's tail.

This is a very good environment for eating sparkly cereal.

Blinky, the heir.


And Pinky.



It was a wedding, all right.

And, for more room in the house (hint hint), Ejection went on to College with $1750 in scholarship money.

Word has it she's having a wonderful time.

And learning new things.

Rose and Pants are expecting.

I mean, it had to happen SOMEtime.

Rock on, old dude.

And now, generation 8. OH THE SUSPENSE

It's a boy: Floor. I want a girl, though.

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly

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