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Henderson Uglacy Generation 8.2

Last time, puppies were bred, Ejection was sent to college, Tetramino achieved her LTW, and Floor kicked off generation 8!

Even though we left off last update with Floor's birth, it's his birthday now!

Awwww, look at his little glitched-out self. Actually, Rose just fed Piggers and ye olde kibble box glitch has returned.

Er, he looks like an adult already?

Some dog died idk. Schubert, maybe.


Er, Tetramino? You're a grandmother...don't get pregnant :(


Rose is, again, too! Here's to ugly!

And four puppies were born: Alpha, Gamma, Omicron, and Sigma. Don't ask me which is which, becuase they are all very similar.

Birthday again! And, with two more pregnancies, you can bet there will be MORE birthdays :/


Yep, you just keep popping.

And she's been at that flower bench so long, she's maxed her crafts enthusiasm.

Rose's bump actually looks...smaller? Damn you, Tetra, if you give me goddamn twins you are DEAD.

PS snapdragons don't do SHIT for pets. What a ripoff. I want a mod!

nononononononono gdi I'm so glad you're already pregnant

*sigh* You know, I always wanted more Gen 7 when Gen 8 was already born

Meet Snoreway, a boy, and not eligible for heir AT ALL.



Both girls, this one is Chesty.

And here is Eraser. a;kvnkjrheghgr freckles

And Pants, doting Family man that he is, takes time after the birth to kiss his eldest and only son.

And then fucked the shit out of his wife.

The puppies grew up! Meet Alpha...


Omicron (the only male)

And Sigma, the heir. Congrats, Sigma!

Then, of course, we have Snoreway's birthday.

hahaha happy baby face

Yep, looks like his two full-sisters did.

DAMMIT ROSE...well, I guess 4 choices for heir can't be bad.

dvngilahfwjvnwv why have I never used this thing before?

Oh, this looks natural.


And the family adopts Danny Crittur, who is actually the father of the doglacy AND...well, there's some inbreeding going on with the dogs.

Sentrybot: just say no.

And, of course, the gen 8 twins' birthday.

Here is Chesty, looking lumpy and gross.

And Eraser, with her cute freckles, grandfather's high eyebrows, and I think I see slight protrusion at the browbone from her grandmother.

And...this...looks wrong.

I'm pretty sure this is her third fulfilled hobby.

This, of course, is Eraser, attempting to look cute, but managing to look utterly surprised.

Welcome home, Amar! How was work?

Oh, you brought a friend...well, Sentrybot doesn't like your friend. Goddamn Sentrybot.

Er, oh, Amar, it's your birthday? You don't say.

Well, happy birthday, Amar! And with that, he was no more. I'm not even fucking joking, the man died after transition.

And a toddler is sleeping in the deep snow.


We shall call you "Enzo" and you will be.

GodDAMMIT, Enzo!

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly

Would you like a Henderson? Get them here! Becasue I am not caught up yet, requests are welcome!


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Jan. 4th, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
I forgot to look at this when you linked :$

lol your glitches

Eraser for heir pls

(also im thinking of resinatalling and doing an uglacy but idk)
Jan. 4th, 2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
yessss do an uglacyyyyy

And hopefully Eraser demonstrates some desperate ugly, because I want to breed that skintone. I haven't looked at either girl's ears yet to check for pointy :O
Jan. 4th, 2010 02:45 pm (UTC)
What's not ugly about a box head :D
Jan. 5th, 2010 12:13 am (UTC)
lol omfg box head. I really have high hopes for those girls. I was afraid that I did the wrong thing a while back by rejecting Curtain as heir...but it seems the plantsim genes really helped out for these toddlers. Now to find a CAUS template...(and HELLO ACR pregnancies with random townies :D)
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