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Henderson Uglacy Generation 8.3

Last time, more of Gen 7 was born, more of Gen 8 was born (twin girls), Amar died upon his elder transition, and a Servo was created!

Good job, Rose; this in no way harms the baby, right?

Speaking of...

Please meet Linear, a boy.

Brother and sister...they look the same.

A little makeover to show off the ears she inheirited.

Floor's transition

He rolled Pleasure. Yeah, well, whatever.

I have no idea what this is or why it's here. It's Floor, but I don't understand why it's at this point in my pictures.

Hi, Milk! She is available for download, but she is packed with different eyes. Her current eyes are from the Mayday set.

Pukeface died. We can handle it.

Uh, yeah, the dying dog smells. Thanks for your concern.

We need new dogs :D

It's the twins' birthday!


And Eraser.

Yeah apparently it was Linear's birthday, too. Who cares.

The girls did not grow up well. Oops.

God damn this Servo.

With Amar dead and having a Face 2 butler, I figure Tetra can lure him into marrying her and I can get a new butler :D

Well, which girl do you think should be heir?

Yay, the family recharging station. Unfortunately, this means my plantsim is always FROZEN. She is going to DIE from this.

International Sim of Mystery~ Really, Maxis, couldn't you pick a better outfit? Maybe CREATE one?

Oh god, please make babby with one of the twins when they are old enough.

And she's back, but as a Space Pirate, completing her second LTW. Now she wants to be bff with 20 pets at the same time. Fuck that.

Apparently, she also wants to be a skankho, because she seriously walked from her carpool to her bed to "relax"

Two puppies: Beans and Pewp.

That little asshole slept past the bus.

Haha, yay for moving in the hot butler to make way for a potential Maxis ugly one!

Is it your birthday, Linear? No one cares.

Ok, gross, not in your GROWN AND MARRIED son's bed, please.

Never mind. Ugh. *shudder*

Here is Beans, the heir.

And Pewp, the spare.

Er, and Chesty, who had a birthday. Isn't she cute?


Now, Eraser has done this family very proud.

Yes? I have the PERFECT spouse lined up for her, too. She's Pleasure/Popularity, so hopefully she'll sleep around a bit for me.

And Tetramino got old. Enayla's skin, though, shows no signs of age.

Too many sims in the house, so I exercised my right to send some teens to Uni. Floor went first.

Then Snoreway.

And then Chesty, the spare.

Well, 50 1st dates is a bitch of an LTW...but I guess I could try.

And that's an adult.

He failed, so, back to the ball (ughhhh)


~~~~~~ (sorry, my captioning is terrible lately)

Tetra gets dicked. All the time. By all different men.

Servo Enzo is ....flailing wildly and running around and I never wanted it to end :(

But it did.

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly

Would you like a Henderson? Get them here!
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