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Henderson Download-a-Sim!

I AM WORKING ON THE DOWNLOAD LINKS, please be patient and let me know if anything isn't working

See family tree here

Generation 1

Jaclyn Henderson, just make her a Pleasure/Knowledge Leo. Jaclyn has CC eyes.

Generation 2: Without exception, each of the Gen 2 girls comes with geneticised eyes; red eyes are geneticised at 3 and brown at 1. I have since changed the red eyes to the ones from the Mayday eyes set redone by Pooklet here. They look fantastic on the girls, if you're inclined to change them.

Hera/Shit: If you flip Hera to male, you get Shit, and I get to be lazy.

Jackal Henderson: Family, 7-6-6-0-6.

Milk Henderson: Pleasure, 3-1-10-2-9

Moon: Family 7-9-4-4-3

Footy: Popularity 7-9-6-0-5

Generation 3:

Bin Henderson (brown hair, albino [geneticised at 0.0001 and non-townie-enabled], brown eyes)
Pleasure 1-2-10-10-10
(until I learn to extract sims with deleted graves...)

Shoe Henderson, contains CC eyes

Generation 4: All sims include a text document and png so you can easily find them in BS and recreate their personalities in CAS/SimPE. All four of them are basegame-only!!

Table Henderson

Zipper Henderson

Multipurpose Henderson
Multipurpose (please remember he really has RED hair and not black)

Jellyhead Henderson

Shoe's ony child, Mistaya Henderson. NO CC

GENERATION 5: No CC unless otherwise stated

Lid, comes with geneticised Enayla skin set to 0.8. Popularity 7-3-10-10-3

Pencil: Knowledge 2-3-8-6-6

Nasal Cavity: Fortune 6-9-6-6-0

Curtain: 9-1-10-5-10 She comes packaged as a child.


Keyboard: 2-9-6-8-0, Pleasure, contains custom skin

Tetrimino: 7-1-1-9-8, Popularity, may contain custom skin

Tassle Henderson-Richard, Curtain's child by the Maxis PT. NO CC

Billiard richard, CC skin

Samsung Richard, NO CC

Daewoo Richard, CC skin


Pants Henderson, NO CC

Chair:4-4-9-7-1; Family; contains geneticised skin and custom hair

Ejection:4-4-9-7-1; Fortune; contains geneticised skin and custom hair

Snoreway:4-4-9-7-1; Family; contains geneticised skin

Towel, 1-6-10-6-7, Family/Grilled Cheese, Basegame

Guts (1-6-9-10-1, Popularity/Family) and Window (2-8-10-7-8, Pleasure/Popularity). Both BaseGame

Poofart; 7-2-9-6-1, Popularity/Grilled Cheese, geneticised skin

Demonia; 9-2-6-6-6, Knowledge/Fortune, BaseGame


Floor/Linear: clones, so I saved space ;) 7-1-9-9-1; may contain custom skin (geneticised)

Chesty:8-10-3-4-10; Fortune; contains custom skin (geneticised) and hair

Eraser:7-1-4-9-8; Pleasure; contains custom skin (geneticised) and hair

Bouncy Ball

Bouncy Ball/Webcam; clones, 10-3-9-3-1, Family/Knowledge [Bouncy Ball] and Pleasure/Knowledge [Webcam]. BaseGame

Orange [Family/Fortune 6-3-2-6-8] comes BaseGame ready!

Cotton Swab/Lasagna; clones, 10-3-9-9-1, Family/Grilled Cheese [Cotton Swab]

David [Popularity/Fortune 6-3-6-4-6]


Also generation 8c
PomPom [Pleasure/Romance 10-7-9-6-3] comes with minimal CC