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Henderson Uglacy 7.1b

Last time, which didn't get posted because my computer crashed and lost me a month of gameplay and all my screenshots, I sent Chesty, Floor, and Linear off to Uni and decided that maybe the gen 5 spare Curtain would make for an uglier uglacy. She already has 4 children of her own, as posted in a mini-update previously...and she also died.
So this...this brings us to backtrack. Welcome to the Henderson Uglacy, Generation 7.1b: Tassle Takes Over.

So, here's Curtain's firstborn child, Tassle, from her run-in with the Maxis PT (remember, Curtain was herself the product of her father's VERY late-life run-in with my Multi-PT set).
Also, apologies for the size of the pictures, I'm trying to find a new size that isn't 600x450 HUGE. I kinda like them, though.

And his lovely girlfriend, Shelby Barrett. Aww, isn't she pretty.

A quick engagement...

...and an even quicker marriage because they're both Romance and neither had The Fear.

And, well, they do what they do, right?

Right ;)

Billiard, Curtain's second child, and first with her parents' butler. Yep, good ol' Butlertron. He died previous to this update :(
I'm pretending for this picture that she is discussing how, now that Tassle is married, she can go off to college to do whatever.

And so she did, qualifying for the Orphan grant.

And off she goes!

Let's stick withher for a little tiny bit, just to make sure she's ok in her rented college house.

Oh, look who's here! It's Snoreway, Floor (or Linear, whoever's older, they're clones), and Chesty!

Back on the new main lot, I set a challenge to myself: decorate the entire house, mostly using the IKEA collection folder. Oh, the harshness of this challenge...
I can never NOT have a colour theme, but I tried to at least do something different (ie, not BLUE like I always do), so here is their red and white living room/entry area and a small part of the dining area.

Ze kitchen

The "girls'" room, themed with a light outdoorsy feel.

The "boys'" room, themed like a tropical beach (fail).

The office/playroom and door to the backyard/pool. Here is one of the twins, Curtain's youngest children, Daewoo.

The master bedroom, decorated for Shelby.

The other end. Can I express my love for the quarter tile cheat? Makes decorating look much mor realistic.

The backyard! I love the sunflowers.

Oh, hi, Samsung, hungry?

the paper girl, who Tassle has been macking on his WHOLE LIFE, is busy checking out his sweet 3/4 alien ass.

The lovely bride, glowing with pregnancy, Hanging Out on the floor...

With my boyfriend (available for download here, just in case)

Samsung is so cute in his swimwear. I love the flippers!

She rolled the Want to study Physiology, and she's been there for a couple days. I love her mismatched outfit.

Like mother, like daughter. Curtain lives on.

So she finished Physiology...and I totally didn't realise I had a glitch until she gained 5 Body points in 30 seconds. She got to 9 before I finally got her out of the pool.

Both she and Tassle have the Woohoo 20 different Sims LTW...but they're each others' One sim AND three-bolters, so they mostly just stick to each other.

Tassle also wanted to study Physiology.

And I let him max his body skill, because damned if I won't exploit a glitch like this (the only thing they have to gain body is the pool!).

Wanted side effect: peak physical condition.

Daewoo kept the butler over all night (he stays after work for her every day!), a replacement butler came thenext morning. Not baaaaad.

Finally, it's Monday again. Have to get those grades up to get into private school!


Oh my, a bug-eyed baby. Her name is Towel.

And this is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

He INSISTS on cooking his own meals. Very independent child.

Did I ever mention Shelby is in the Culinary career track? Well, she is.

Oh, guess what? It's the twins' birthday!

And they both grew up platinum. What champs.

Also, just in time for the headmaster's visit.

So, here's Samsung, who will be co-heiring with Tassle because I said so. He rolled Fortune.

and Daewoo, who, despite having a very short nose, seems to have turned out just fine. Sad how the girls get the short end of the ugly stick.
She rolled Knowledge.

BABY SHUT UP j/k just wanted to remind you all that she still exists.


Um, a random shot of Dae chilling with some men.


Three-bolters, I swear.

Guess whose birthday!

Just a reminder shot of that face...

oh my fucking JESUS she is wonderful

And...oh my god...that's Daewoo and the BUTLER. It's her first night as a teenager and she's fucking the butler...

And pop!

It's good to be back, everyone!

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly


Would you like a Henderson? Get them here!
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