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Henderson Uglacy 7.2b

Last time, it was revealed that we were backtracking the story to Curtain's children, who, at generation 6, were/are much uglier than generation 8 could ever hope to be (sorry, Eraser!). Tassle and Samsung were named the new Generation 6b heirs, with Tassle marrying Shelby Barrett of gargantuan-lower-faced fame. Billiard went off to college, Towel was born and was kind of really hideous, and Daewoo, following in her deceased mother's delicate purple footsteps seduced the family's butler.

And here is our wonderful full-faced little Towel.

Shelby is pregnant again, of course. She doesn't glow with pregnancy, so much as wallows miserably in it (and her spaghetti).

The family adopted one of the dogs I bred years ago, probably the offspring of the Crittur dogs from when I FIRST STARTED this legacy. So, this is Anubis.

He needs logic points, but I have no idea if I want him to get abducted or not. Anyone else tired of seeing aliens? No? Didn't think so. I just don't think it's fair to rely on my Multi-PT to produce the ugly (it's done enough!).

Oh, and they adopted Ginger.

Um, and one of the previous dogs made an appearance. Dont' remember which one, exactly. Otis?

But he decided to haunt the tea lights.


I swear, I hate these two. When she goes off to college, I will be SO happy to have them stop poking, slapping, and generally beating the shit our of each other.

She's been beating his ass since childhood. She's had 10 Body points most of her life.

Then she performed a perfect dive into the pool.

Aww, so happy!


Apparently, Anubis has a job.

>Pancake craving. Notice the butler prepared BURNT breakfast already. Why do the butlers in my game fail so hard?

Aww, Eraser came over. At least she's not too proud to admit she'll never be ugly enough.


I discovered the cuteness that is Marco Polo (see what I did there?)!

And they hide on the bottom of the pool!


And we welcome the butler into the family, because I am sick of him burning toaster meals and getting 4 bottles for the toddler.

Speaking of which...


YES, a baby hand-off!

So, a boy and a girl. They are Guts and Window, and they both have alien skin and eyes.

All class, that woman.

Butler, it does not matter how lovingly you do that, it's still wrong.

Guess whose birthday?

You know, I'm not so sure this counts as ugly.

Maybe I'm desensitised?

Oh never mind. I guess her hair was making her cute.

"So I herd you liek pragnant?"

Ginger grows up in her own pee puddle. Classy bitch.

No, seriously, stop this.

She shows off ALL THE TIME, it's SO CUTE.


You ASS, get out of the pool!

omg still so cute :3

This too!

Twin birthdays, finally!

Guts, possibly looking like Towel

And Window, actually looking damn adorable!

I think "fierce" is the term usually applied to such a facial expression.

Awwwww, Anubis looks like he's saying "DAWW THIS IS NICE"

Yep, they do what they do.

She had to go. There are too many sims, especially if I want to double-heir. She took that butler-lover of hers with her, too.

I love Towel so much.

WHY DOES THIS LOT ONLY HAVE ONE BATHROOM AND WHY DO THE TOWNIES ALWAYS CROWD IT WHYYYYYYYY. I either need to move the family or build another bathroom. Considering the time I spent decorating this stupid lot, I'll just buld another shitter.

Oh ffs, Tassle.

Tassle: "Delectable!"
Townie: "wtf bro did you just eat a blob of goo out of your garbage can?"

Once again, Shelby is pregnant. I think this will be the last time, though, because I need to get Samsung on a spouse-hunt.

Butler: Durr, hi, Guts! I brought you a bottle!
Guts: I fucking HATE you.

WHY is Window so adorable...and adult-looking?

And why is that car is HUGE!

Samsung: Sharla O, will you go on a da-

Sharla: Fuck no.

Whatever, Sharla, he doesn't need you.

He'd be cute if it wasn't for...well, not being cute.

And this. Fuck you, I didn't want to play uni.


Um, Shelby?


sigh Hey, Grim, how's it hangin'?
It's not.

Shelby chose to die of fright in one of the two extra bathrooms. All anyone else cared about was that damn stinky dog.

RIP, Shelby, not that I care. Don't fuck me over.

Butlertron, you are a DAMN of an asshole. And your step-grandchildren are BASTARDS.

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly


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