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Legacy Without a Name 3.1


Just to let you know, Salem still fishes.


Everyone, meet Pitch, of the black generation.

And his twin brother, Jet.

[personal profile] prosthetics's Lamb loves being a mother.


ooh, my first couch woohoo

snapun's Nadya continues to mack it up at parties.

Trying to get her demoted so that she gets re-promoted to the top and I get her LTW.

Instead, I got her fired. Damn.

Ooh, butler-scalping.


Toddler Pitch

And toddler Jet!


And, so, Lamb must work other jobs until the culinary track reappears.

And, because of the black generation, the toddlers must be neglected to all hell. Ugh

No fat morph? For shame.

Feels like forever since they were born.


Jet (who grew up into an incorrectly-binned hair)

They have a lovely life.

Maybe even perfect.

Lamb, of course.

I kind of want her to die, because she is very distracting to Salem's 20 Best Friends LTW.

Ugh, I HATE fighting, but it's one of the generational challenges.


Papergirl be mackin' on errbody

Um, whoopsie!


Oooh, why thank you.

No idea the purpose of this shot, but here you have it.

Salem, of course, will be the one to fraternise with the lamp-folk.

ilu genie-man

BOOM, BABY!! Salem wished for wealth.

Not good looks, because he gets enough poon as it is.

He even has EXTRA POON waiting in the living room!

Scolding is good! I need low relationship scores in this gen.

Pitch has a thing for the butler. They are BFFs.

Seriously, though, anything to keep them away from each other.

These two are so frustrating

LOL his little angry face ilu Jet


Gratuitous yawn-stretch shot because it's really cute!

Fight fight fight

I just wanted to see it. He made $56 before I realised I shoul work more on his LTW (16 best friends so far!)

Guess what? Twin birthdays!

Jet's really cute! He rolled Romance~

And he grew up into generationally-appropriate black clothing!

Now Pitch

Pitch, well, Pitch has a very interesting face.

He also grew into very appropriate clothing.

Now that the Want is gone, I can finally teach Jet to do his homework

While Pitch (Pleasure) strikes out with bondchick_nett's Sondra.

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Nov. 7th, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
omg more fires

ooooh look at the stars on the alien! lol appropriate for STARS + ALIEN lol :$

fucking non binned hairs :@ HDU RUIN JET

Why is Salem a whore :(

ps pitch sux
Nov. 7th, 2010 01:25 am (UTC)
the fires omg there were THREE others

I love that replacement! and Salem is the first to use it lol oops

ugh, andI don't have the drive to go find that hair, because Iit's just an age that needs to be taken out and WW hates me

idk, he just fucks a lot of wimmens

f u I love our grandchildren
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