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Henderson Uglacy Update 28

8.1c: because Demonia is the third heir of generation 7

Last time, University was completed very fast because it's hell, Demonia couldn't find her LTW job for the life of her, my selfsim completed her 4th LTW and maxed her final skill, ugly suitors were seen, and the update ended with Demonia puking.

We start this update with my elderly Selfsim coming home from work.

And completing yet another LTW.

And dying immidately.

In front of the neighbourhood.

In a lightning storm. You just just make out the hula girls' hair.

But at least she had a good ride (and rode a few pretty good).

Butler: meh, I didn't like her much.

Naturally, she was loaded.

And she left me this wonderful grave.

Samsung? He didn't give a single shit.

Not even when she waved goodbye.

Demonia came hom immediately after and popped.

And then, to console herself, she rang her distant cousin for a booty call.

Samsung was also getting booty.

Not long after, a stranger invited him to meet someone for a blind date: Hermia Capp. It didn't work out.

At some point, Demonia entered the third trimester. Also, she maxed Charisma.

Possible gene donors? Answer in comments.

I don't care if she's pregnant...

...she is fulfilling her LTW.

Hey buddy, you sure you don't want to do that on the couch instead?

Uhhhh there was a reason for this. Oh, she came hom from work, fulfilled her LTW, and was exhausted. Straight to bed.

Also, she had this, which I've never gotten! BRAND NEW

Apparently, this hood has a werewolf Servo. I think I know where he lives.

BABBY (never gets old)

scream scream yell

Meet Orange, a little girl with her mother's hair and father's eyes (finally no green!)


So pretty. So useless in ths neighbourhood.

Yep, here is is, ready to engage in incest.

Instead, there was a fire, because Demonia's genes demand it.

Luckily, the firefighter is eligible for gene donation.

And Demonia is WAY ahead of me on that one.

And then she went to work.

Samsung also completed another LTW.

Demonia smells, because she didn't get to shower after the fire.

+5k for being scythed in the eye? Very good.

Naturally, he died from his wounds.

And also left a special grave, lots of money, and a wake of tears at his passing.

Demonia moped. She really did.


Oh! Um, who's the father?

Again, I sent her to work pregnant.

Blah blah 2nd LTW 3rd trimester Blah

Orange's birthday!

Oh. My. God. Just for the record: her eyes are OPEN.

Oh, fuck you, child.

Hahahaha let's see if we can get her potty-trained in one shot.


Basically, the butler got glitched for an entire day.


Meet PomPom, another girl. Apparently, Linear fathered her.

Ugh. Such a wonderful child.


Aw. AWWWWWWWWW Adrian loves Orange (whose colour is green...).

Adrian is the one.

They don't have an amazing relationship, so I really didn't know if he would accept.

Luckily, he did.


The Wedding Guests: Part 1

The Wedding Guests: Part 2

The wedding arch, underneath the orange tree (Demonia's "buy an orchard tree" want coincided with the birth of her first child).

It was the happiest day of their lives.

Special bonus picture: Adrian's memories!
I have wanted Adrian in this family since GENERATION ONE (for those of you who just joined: Jaclyn was the founder).

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly


Would you like a Henderson? Get them here!


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Feb. 4th, 2012 12:51 am (UTC)

omg you are ded:(

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v638/marshmallowcadet/Uglacy%20du%20Jaclyn/Update%2028/Image019.jpg why is the car door FLOATING :|:|

what does the star do??? I've never gotten that far either :$
Feb. 4th, 2012 01:39 am (UTC)
C, because I want MAX UGLY :D
ikr boohoo :'(

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