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Henderson Uglacy Gen 8.3c (Update 30!)

Last time, Demonia gave birth to two more girls (twins Cotton Swab and David) and a boy (Lasagna), there were too many babies in the house, Orange ended up a teen and PomPom a child, and everyone was ugly. EVERYONE.

Let's open up with Adrian rejecting someone for a First Kiss.

And being set up on a date with a lovely CAUS18 chef.

Ballet gives heatstroke: who knew?

This woman

Tried to First Kiss Adrian

No less than

4 times


It was their birthday :D Love their outfits (I love all my childrens' wear)


And Cotton Swab.

Immediately after, they decided to get scrappy.

Why yes, lady, this is a nuthouse.

Still stalkin'!

...whatever, as long as they're not fighting.

PomPom grew up!

She rolled Pleasure/Romance, Wohoo 20 different sims.

David is a pretty princess, and pedodude prefers her over the nubile teen next to her.

This isn't suggestive at all.

Girl works fast.

O________________O does she ever!

4 of them have the flu, so it's up to Adrian to make the cure-all soup.

And then I found out the stovetop clock doesn't tell time and life was over. The actual clocks DO keep the right time, FYI.

I just love this family! lol hi adrian no boys allowed :D

well wtf made you think this was good, Maxis?

Aw her little hand went right through his ^__^

Lasagna was glitched into perma babyhood, and then he suddenly was a toddler.

Here he is! He looks like Cotton Swab. We'll see, because he's the only male.

Tommy Ottomas, I hate to be the one to break this to you. but you look like a piece of shit.

I sent the girls to the club to find more uglies. They found this guy instead.

And Orange took the most logical course of action. Batshit insane, this girl.

I dunno, guys, I really like her face! She's striking.


Orange learned to walk!

I could so go for some GC right now, myself. wtf is the butler doing?






Which fulfills an impossible want and a LTW. She now wants to be head of the Architecture career.

So, apparently the disc is actually IN the computer when they play games. Who knew? (probably lots of people because this game is nearly 10 years old)



Just a reminder Lasagna exists.

Adrian, wtf is going on?

PomPom attracts creepers because of her Romance perk and being strongly bisexual.

Oh, the twins also still exist. Look at their cute outfits.

Goddamn creeper. 2 hours of solid creeping.

I accidentally closed Cotton Swab's, but you get the idea :D Heeeeee

They really look alike :/


omg a KILT HA

Yeah, he looks JUST like Cotton Swab.


Speaking of CS, she and David can grow up now that I've seen Lasagna.

They are both slightly gay. Go randomiser!

I absolutely love how different they all look from each other!
PomPom: Pleasure/Romance, Woohoo 20 different sims
Orange: Family/Fortune, top of Entertainment
David: Popularity/Fortune, top of Dance
Cotton Swab: Family/Grilled Cheese, graduate 3 children from college

So far, David is my winner for ugliest. Opinions?

PomPom, of course, sleeps with her creeper...

...before all the girls check out to uni.

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly

FAMILY TREE HERE (if you look, you'll discover PomPom is actually generation 8 AND 9, but that's confusing and she's too pretty so I ignore it)

Would you like a Henderson? Get them here!
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