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Henderson Uglacy Gen 8.4c

Last time, Adrian hit on a man, Demonia maxed all 7 skills, Orange hit on a grand vampire, PomPom grew up and hit on everyone because she's Romance and bisexual, and all 4 girls eventaully grew to teen and went straight to University to live in the family's dorm (where Webcam and Bouncy Ball still reside).

We left off last time with the girls of the household going to college.

Orange, David, Cotton Swab (the little brother left at home, Lasagna, is a clone of her), and Pom Pom. They are all downloadable here!

The first thing that happens to David is a nice shock.

Pom Pom gets started on her "Woohoo 20 different sims" LTW


As in her teenage years, the girl moves fast.



Ugh, Webcam and Linear (Pom Pom's father, who is still in college oops)

Um, interesting...

Again? This isn't how you get to 20 different people!

Don't mind the cheerleader, she's goddamn stupid.

After class, Pom Pom invites over a trove of people to mack on.

Bouncy Ball, who we haven't seen all update, graduates.

Nothing like dropping off a date gift while your girl gives another guy a view

Thanks for the bust...?

I'm clearly biased towards Pom Pom, with all her sexual endeavours, but the rest of the girls just study and go to class!

She wants to marry them all...

Orange remains TERRIFYING.

Type type type. Seriously, the rest of the girls are all business.

Um...I don't know.

Suddenly, Orange graduates!

During her graduation party, a greenhouse is built for the dorm. Beautiful.

I just love this picture. Indulge me.

What with one thing and another, Orange grows up.

Into orange.

So does this one.

David also graduates.

Um, interesting.

Demonia and Adrian still have sex twice eveery single day, even if they're mad at each other (she cheats on him once in a while).

A party!

GRRR David always looks angry. And like a caveman.


I thought this was hilarious! Then I forgot I have to manually water each and every one and they all died the next day hahahahahaha oops

Yet another party for David to spouse-search (she's quite homosexual).

The neighbourhood bartender maxes Body skill because she's always bowling.

Gypsy! and the gardening club dude.

"Gypsy, all of the women in this area have no pizzazz."

"I want a woman that makes me fell like LIGHTNING inside!"

....Of course.

What about her?

I like her.


How quickly we move...

Lasagna exists. lol dead money trees

A little more of this...

His diet consists entirely of muffins, so it's no surprise he doesn't burn them anymore.

omg when the hell did this happen?

Gypsy, whose lamp is this?

It's David's now! I had her wish for beauty...youth...and something I don't remember.

Lasagna grew up.

Looks like his older sister. Not nearly as ugly as David, so I made the right choice.

Aw, I've never seen this animation before :(

And all she wants is random food at 3am lol

So cheesecake it is! I like twins.

I see.

Apparently he rolled gay. Butler-man approves.


And I will end it there because David gives birth in the next pictures and the teaser for this post says gen 8.

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly


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