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omg this dog

So I've been playing my even Pleasantview for like, the last year, and Angela Pleasant definitely married Dustin Broke. They have a daughter named Coral (d'awww) and they breed small dogs (because I can't play an entire neighbourhood without breeding.... I don't have any cats on the go yet, though, saving that for a spinster lesbian). Of course Angela Pleasant breeds small dogs. Anyway, I started her off with a dog named Delia, who was Breed 5 that I posted forever ago, and Fagan, a standard game mini bulldog or something. He was different from Delia and that's all that mattered. That union had me breed a dog named Audrey, who didn't look like anything special except for retaining her father's ugly face. I bred her with Leroy, some sort of pointy-eared standard Maxis breed that looks like a Basenji. They left me with Fancy, who still had Fagan's face, but thinner. I crossed that with Bailey, who was clearly a Chihuahua or Papillon. If you're interested or lost, here's the only lineage I have. I have no clue where the purple came from, all I know is

And, because I love everyone, I of course uploaded him for your convenience and love, should you still be playing this game.

Also, as I'm posting this, my default replacement vomit hit 666 downloads from Box today (it's at 16 735 on MTS)! Surely an event to celebrate!