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A Progress Update...?

I've got a full Henderson Uglacy update on the way, I just have to find a place to host images where it's EASY to batch upload because WOW my photobucket acct is...4500 images over its limit and I'm not going to open a new one because the site is trash and only works on Edge.
Anyway, full update of that. 5-6 years or whatever in the making, but it will happen! I think we're on Gen 9 now, and on my last session I was spouse-shopping for the potential heir (none of gen 9 is even teen yet).

ALSO I started a new project when I realised where I went wrong in Pleasantview, so I will present, in the future when I compile screenshots, Conjunction Junction: a neighbourhood with multiple legacies and households with various rules.

Conjunction Junction features:

  • Even play - a household is played for a season, so all households age evenly and there's no weirdness with different seasons
  • Sunny Cloudburst - heir to a rainbow legacy (pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, grey, white) with scoring and a dog
  • Rainbow Households - 8 houses, each adhering to a different colour (rainbow, plus grey and pink). One of the houses is a reverse alphabet patriarchy, one is a matriarchy. After initial Gen 1 spouse hunt, heirs can only marry from other Rainbow households. Families' surnames are distinct colour names to help me out.
  • Lauren Duncan - a starving artist
  • Olivia Twist - adoption-only household
  • Pitch Probe - abduction-only household
  • An "alien" colony (basically CC eyes and skin and breed those down as long as possible)
  • Georgette Deschamps, whose family will only marry service sims
  • Bob Lamonta - the founder of an ISBI legacy on a beach lot (this will test me, because I like control)
  • A farm, for the spare of any household with a high interest in nature and at least the first gardening badge. Will strictly be a farm and vegetable stand.
  • An asylum, populated only by spares from all households (so, this will run when I fill the lot)

  • All of the sims in Conjunction Junction are from my saved sims: they were all created or born ingame. Only one sim is not my own creation. Face template replacements, blank hood templates, and TONS of townie-enabled Bodyshop cc (the incorrectly-binned brows are going to kill me) will keep this hood looking unique.

    Honestly, I truly don't plan to ever actually finish the legacies in Conjunction Junction, but they'll give me something to do.

    I still play my Pleasantview! It's very large and buggy and has MANY generations. Click here to enter the neighbourhood family tree at Bella Goth and look around. There is a search bar in case you want to see where Angela Pleasant, Beau Broke, and all your fave Maxis Pleasantview characters married into (for instance, Dina Caliente and Don Lothario have great-grandchildren...and some are even from their own love-child).
    Tags: conjunction junction, henderson uglacy, pview

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