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Henderson Uglacy Generation 9.1

Last time, The four girls went through Uni really quickly, PomPom had sex with and backrubbed many people and stayed on to hold the dorm, Lasagna discovered love and first kisses, Adrian and Demonia had a lot of angry makeup sex, and I teased the crap out of you at the end. Sort of.

Then I broke another hard drive. Everything is safe and sound, except for my Photoshop files and actions that I use to edit my photos. Le sigh.

AND THEN, I wrote the wrong generation on the teaser in my excitement to post! womp womp

David (a woman) gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Rope, with red hair and hazel eyes.

And also a healthy baby boy named Pie! With black hair and hazel eyes.

Demonia continues to get promoted and wreck shit.

Overacheiver, of course. I play my sims the best I can.

Marie Rauscher, possibly a common sight in Veronaville games, is the mother of the twins. I'll probably marry her to

Her face structure makes her a perfect match. So extreme. It was ACR that brought the ladies together, though.

This just couldn't compete, even with the undereye precipice.

Random pic of Demonia to show my final choice in alien skin. I need the green, but I like the peach details to show a halfbreed.

Parenting in Sims never changes.

Adrian, are you getting old?

At the same time your grandchildren are aging?

Well, here's Pie, exhibiting the now-standard Henderson short nose.

His mother looks relieved.

It was a while ago that I took this pic, but I'm sure it's a booty call.

Oh, Bouncy Ball, what's up? I find her so weirdly attractive.

I figured it out! She may be the product of incest, but no more than, like, you'd get in a small town: her mother is Demonia, who slept with her grandmother's half-brother's great-grandson (Linear). Their closest common ancestor is Multipurpose (generation 4 heir), who had the gen 5 half-siblings Curtain and Nasal Cavity fathered by separate aliens from my PT hack.

So, like, Bouncy Ball is BARELY inbred: her parents only shared like 9.375% of genes.

Orange had some unfortunate accident with a clothing rack, it seems.

Oh, look, it's both Rope and Adrian at their next age stages. Pretty sure this kid needs to be heir. He looks unfortunate, like his face is broken.

I'm glad you learned that at this point in life. I've never had a happier sim marriage than these two.

I'm pretty sure this was the result of the previously-captured booty call. Pretty sure that's a townie teen.

Oh my. Quite the undies set.

No idea what the purpose of this is.

Poop pot training. Necessary.

Oh god we are flying through time here.

No you are not blonde. And what happened to your shirt like you just got that thing!

Just not as unfortunate-looking as we need.

Well, maybe. The kids look interesting and different. Maybe their teen years will reveal more fun shapes and crags.



So this hair is dumb.

And I fixed his shirt.

Demonia, why are you creepy?

Oh. Interesting.

I just had them get married. It was the right thing.

I apparently did not take pictures through the entire pregnancy, but she was pregnant again.

Meet a little boy named Loaf. (I think it's him, this picture was take Aug 8, 2017, and I am writing this on Aug 7, 2020)


A little girl named Pirate. They are both blonde, which thy should not be. Turns out, Marie Rauscher is a stock Veronaville townie with dyed hair: she's a redhead.

Nothing much happens in the house, so here's Loaf, in all his high-browed big-mouthed glory.

Pirate, however, has potential, more so than any of her brothers.

So immeidately I went shopping for potential husbands: I wanted a Ben Long or Komei Tellerman face, but mostly a Ben Long.

I have the alien template townie-enabled (because I have a multi-PT that does not use the standard PT), so this is also an option.

I love that Rope plays with his siblings!

The first picture in this update was taken Sept 2014, and the last one Aug a lot of time. Future updates will probably only be genetics/faces, because I just don't want to take the time to screencap every little thing nd I want to get started on Conjunction Junction

The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly


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