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Cloudburst Legacy: Welcome!

Welcome to one of the first chapters of Conjunction Junction!

Meet Sunny Cloudburst and her dog Pickle!

Sunny is a Romance/Fortune sim with an LTW of having 20 Simultaneous Loves (which means I have made her bisexual when normally I would let the game choose, because this is an Impossible Want and I want that point). I rolled her aspirations, as I roll all of my sims except those based on real people:
  1. Fortune
  2. Knowledge
  3. Romance
  4. Family
  5. Popularity
  6. Pleasure

Getting a double when rolling for secondary means Grilled Cheese. I somehow always end up with a lot of those...

Sunny is a sim I had in my bin that was based on the Greek god Persephone. Her Spring-green eyes and freckled skin are such a cute combo.

Her dog, Pickle, is probably a dog I bred and saved from one of my other 'hoods. I don't know. He was in the bin, and now he's here to participate in the Breed Standard category.

Sunny so far lives on a 4x5 lot (which technically has me already cheating on the challenge, but the difference is only a couple hundred bucks) and I've outfitted it in the best-looking pink stuff I have.

Because I download lots of deco with colour themes, I happen to have enough pink to suit Sunny.

On Day 2 of Fall, Sunny lands her first kiss with a guy she has 2 bolts over.

She doesn't have many feelings for most of the people that come by, so they often gather in her kitchen to chat.

For the Legacy Tree points, I have selected an apple tree. Apple juice makes homework go faster and I want that.

Gen 1 is not terribly exciting, and I'm not much of a screencapper anymore, so here's mine and Sunny's mood as Fall turns to Winter and I exit the lot.

And so, at the end of the first season of playthrough, here is the score. The single point in Master Challenges is because I haven't incurred any scoring penalties yet. I will end every post with a screenshot of the score, and a link to the ruleset I'm using.


Advanced Legacy Challenge rules
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Family Tree (pending)
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