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Conjunction Junction Rainbow Area Intro Post

I changed two of their names after making this, and Zeus was always Citrine so idk what's wrong with me

This is the introduction post to the "Rainbow Lots" section of Conjunction Junction! These lots will live by general rules, and two lots, noted in the above image, will live by a couple extra, easy, rules.
  • Residents must have last names related to the colour they represent, out of 8 colours
  • Residents must dress and decorate according to their colour
  • Heirs, except for Gen 1, may only marry another colour resident, and the spouse takes the new last name (but not colours) of their new household
  • There will be no unmarried Try For Baby
  • One pregnancy per household, except for matriarchy and patriarchy lots
  • Alien preg cannot be heir except for Gen 2 births
  • Spares may not marry into Cloudburst legacy: they're needed!

Play goes until one name is remaining and declared....fittest? I don't expect to get to this point, so we'll see!

In the red corner, Steve Crimson, a sim of my husband and with a personality to match. I've given him the extra caveat of being a guitarist, and the sim actually chose the Music and Dance hobby.

For orange, we have Briar Sunset, a skintone-changed sim I created for a competition. Her name was Donna Goldenrod until literally when I was writing this update. She is available for download here with NO CC.

Representing yellow, here is Zeus Citrine, a sim a friend and I made of the Greek god Zeus. As noted, he is founder of the reverse-alphabet (why not) patriarchy lot in this event. He is also available for download here (no idea on CC content).

For green, we have Cory Mint, a sim of my real-life brother (the sims are not related ingame because I would lose households quickly with further restrictions) who does love green and all things minty. He is available for download here, with CC eyes and skin (both geneticised). Cory's sim will have his interests: video games and welding (robot bench).

All in blue, it's Chaz Azure, another sim I created for a competition that is definitely available for download here with NO CC. I love blue, so Chaz's lot is a joy.

I could go on for hours about myself, and I represent the purple house as Robyn Amethyst, which I have just changed from Indigo because that's a bookstore and not a name. I'm going to try to get her into flower arranging/gardening. This sim is available for download in two flavours in this link. I have a lip ring, a septum ring, and always have blue or purple hair, so go nuts!

Pink is represented by my BFF as Shana Magenta-Stahr, which is truly a fantastic name that we came up with together. She is the founder of a matriarchy, loves to sew, and has a cat named Darien (Dar). She also lives in a lot modelled after an apartment I used to live in.

Finally, we have Lee Grayson, a sim born as the Gen 9 heir of my completed SelfSim V2 Legacy. Lee is available for download here, but I don't know how much CC she has.

See all Rainbow Lots updates here! (none will have stories, just happenings)

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