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Remaining Conjunction Junction Households

Time to meet the remaining residents of Conjunction Junction!

First up, Lauren, the neighbourhood's starving artist. I haven't done anything to the lot but build way too big of a house. Lauren is a sim of an artist friend.

Georgette Deschamps, the founder of a household that will only marry service sims. That's her man-maid in the background (they're off to bed). Georgette is a gen 10 spare from my Selfsim legacy and is available with FULL CC here.

Olivia Twist is the founder of the adoption-only household. She is a downloaded sim from MTS aged up from toddler. I can't find the link :(

A party on one of the lots let me grab the Colony couple!

Screech and Siren Colony. Their objective on this planet is to carry on their genes: heirs MUST have the skin and eyes of the founders (this is one of the households that can have as many births as needed).

Bob Lamonta is the elf-template townie extracted from a legacy hood VERY long ago. He is the founder of the ISBI household.

He lives on a beach lot, so this ISBI should be...hilarious, and possibly over quick lol

Note: Apparently this lot is VERY bugged. Two weeks later, I have lost HOURS of play on it. I will attempt another beach lots from scratch instead of this one I had saved. And if that doesn't work, no more beach lot :(

And, finally, one of my favourite sims: Pitch Probe. Alien spawn of the child of me and Skittlebox from the black generation of our round-robin legacy, Pitch is the founder of an abduction-only lot. I have my own Multi-PT hack in use, so the results will be a LOT of fun.

He also rolled Grilled Cheese as secondary.


Pitch: "omg another pregnant man?!"
Dude: "no I'm just fat WHAT THE FUCK"
I could not help myself playing Pitch.

Not pictured: empty Asylum building and completely empty large lot for where the farm will be. Tags created for headlining/more interesting lots.

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Tags: abduction lot: probe, adoption lot: twist, alien colony, conjunction junction, hired help: deschamps, lamonta isbi, starving srtist

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