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Cloudburst Legacy: Gen 1.2 (Winter)

Last time in Sunny's life, it was Fall and she wasn't having much luck finding a spouse, getting promoted, training her dog, finding her dog a spouse, or really much of anything.

While playing the rest of the 'hood, I had Pitch Probe throw a party where Sunny and Sanford got close.


Sunny and Pickle spend a lot of time on the couch staring at the TV. Not watching it, they don't like to have the TV on.

A random small dog named Chloe came by and Sunny adopted her IMMEDIATELY. A stray spouse is worth twice the points as one out of the pound!

A BURGLAR :( And Chloe sitting there watching her stories. Why do we even have a dog?

The officer's name is Porcelain Baxter. PORCELAIN

At some point in the middle of Winter I decide enough is enough and Get Sunny going on Sanford.

They quickly become engaged, he moves in, and my game crashes. On resuming, I cheat Sanford and Chloe back in the house, add back the $8k Sanford brought in...

...and deck him out in this STONE PIMP outfit. Sanford has yellow eyes, which will let Sunny's dominate. He is also Romance/Fortune just like Sunny, and also blonde.

Winter has well and truly arrived, right before rotation. I'm saving money for a more worthwhile expansion to the home.

PUPPIES! Jackdog, Lily, and Holly.

Sunny's first pop.

Second pop, and her randomised but perfectly appropriate maternity outfit.

And we have to leave here because Winter turned to Spring and that's the signal to play other lots :(

Score as we leave the house. Chloe and 2 friends each gave an additional half point.

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