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Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

Lamonta Isbi: Part 1

I didn't think I'd be posting much of "stories" format for the rest of the lots, but I guess an ISBI kind of lends itself to nonsense. Streaming play of this lot would also not be terrible, but not until at least gen 3 is born when there's plenty of sims in the house.

We open with my favourite thing: Sims brushing their teeth! I LOVE IT! Look at his adorable face!

Bob is afraid Justine Sampson will reject his proposal, and that's as close as I'll get to a relationship-related want from a Knowledge/Fortune sim, so I'll take it.


"Justine, we have already made it through one major trauma...will you stay with me always?"
And of course she said yes, so now we have the spouse.

And of course there is a wedding, because I like sim gatherings to boost relationships. The entire neighoburhood is in generation 1, so I need spouses! You can see Lauren, Robyn, Persephone way in the back, Screech, Chaz, and a whole bunch of townies.

blah blah vows blah
But hey, winter beach wedding = very cute

All anyone could think of was Screech, because he's Popularity/Romance. and Screech is like "aw yeah, I'm on everyone's minds +500"

Then the lot crashed, so I reloaded and tried again.

Then the lot crashed again and I remembered that this specific lot has crashing problems.

So I demoed it and started from scratch. I did not cheat Justine back in, just married her real quick and used her money for better objects.

But I put the shower in the wrong spot and Justine, tired and smelly from fussing about the shower for an entire day, passes out.

"I'm uncomfortable!!!"
You slept on the bathroom floor, umprompted by anything wrong in your life.

Oh. That might do it. No preg morph on the pyjamas :(

Yeah, this is gonna happen a lot while Bob is working and taking care of the home. But, like, 5 steps and you could have been on the toilet.

Probably female heirs from here on out, because it is really hard to take care of a pregnant sim you can't control oh my god.
But guess what, one of my neighbourhood restrictions (except for Colony, Rainbow Lots, and probably Cloudburst) is a single pregnancy per we get what we get.

And we get a girl who we name Jillian. She has her father's hair and eyes and a skintone that's close to both parents but is neither of them.

Bob spent the entire play session skilling and working, so we didn't see much of him. He is in the SCIA. I have no idea what Justine does, but she DOES have a job and someone schmoozed her boss into giving her a promotion next time she's in, so I'll find out!

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