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Default Plantsim Skins


I made default plantsim skins (including eyes) using Enayla's and they're up for download. Yes, I'm coming along quickly in the Gimp and am already practicing simple hair recolours.

Also, I will no longer be able to post updates as of December 3rd. DSL is far too expensive for how slow it is. So, I will be cramming as many updates as possible into this next week. At the rate I'm going, expect at least 2 more. Teasers will be posted in legacychallenge throughout until then, so you won't miss updates. If you're watching the comm, you won't miss them, anyway ;)
As soon as I get my connection back, which I honestly don't expect until at least February, I will begin posting updates.

I haven't played the Henderson uglacy in over a month. I've been far too excited by the dog breeding to play them. This is something I hope to fix this week so you can have an update before I leave. Gen4 is in the house, after all.