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Henderson Uglacy Update 28

8.1c: because Demonia is the third heir of generation 7

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The ugly, the whole ugly, and nothin' but the ugly


Would you like a Henderson? Get them here!


MORE CATS! (because there weren't enough)
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Longer hiatus than I expected

Hi! What's been going on?

I have been on an unintended hiatus, due to Skyrim, laziness, figuring out a screencap program that best suits my needs (PicPick: it has a cute name and works nicely!), learning just enough Photoshop to create resize and filter actions, playing a little more of the game (which involved a total reinstall TWICE and 6+ hours of downloading, townifying, organising, and testing new CC), and work (when I had a job). So I've been playing again! The Uglacy lot is SUPER BORING, so I'm having a hard time being able to focus on it and take good pictures (a female heir that isn't Family means I have to do OTHER things to get her aspiration and mood up), but I do have some cats upcoming! I need to wait for the next couple litters to be born and raised (I COULD cheat....which I just might because the amount of cats on the breeding lot would lag ANY computer) so I can get a post of about 10 cats to you; they're starting to lack variety (flat faces, star or speckle pattern on all cats), so I've been slowly making the switch to starting a new lot.

My puke replacement is nearing 500 downloads from LJ alone (it's over 13 200 on MTS!). It's a big number to me, ok, because I'm not exactly a popular or well-known user around these parts. It is my most-downloaded CC on LJ, followed by some miscellaneous sims available. I'm so glad others like my stuff! I've been working on vampire defaults using Enayla Pixie skins, but I got frustrated when they wouldn't keep their transparency.

In any case, I'm coming back! I'm playing and excited because of new CC and you should expect a legacy update around the weekend!


A thing

Day 1 - Yourself as a Sim with your traits/aspiration
Day 2 - A house you built
Day 3 - Your favorite neighborhood (EA, downloaded, or self-made)
Day 4 - The skill your Sim is most commonly learning
Day 5 - Your favorite EA object in the game
Day 6 - Something your Sims do that drives you crazy
Day 7 - Favorite interaction or facial expression of a Sim
Day 8 - The most common reason your Sims die
Day 9 - Favorite and least favorite expansion pack or version of the game
Day 10 - Your favorite celebrity as a Sim (made by you)
Day 11 - Favorite Sim living in the neighborhood that you didn’t create
Day 12 - The community lot you visit the most
Day 13 - Favorite piece of custom content/mod or the reason why you don’t have any
Day 14 - Your favorite and least favorite stage of a Sim’s life
Day 15 - The Life Time Aspiration/wants/fears your Sims most commonly have
Day 16 - A music clip/YouTube video of the background music you enjoy most
Day 17 - Your favorite “special” Sim species (Witches, Vampires, Aliens, Werewolves, Plant Sims, etc)
Day 18 - The longest family tree you ever had/the Sim you played with the most and why
Day 19 - One thing you would change about the game
Day 21 - Something that happened/could happen that made you quit without saving
Day 22 - The most scandalous thing you’ve done with Sims
Day 23 - The most awesome Sims you’ve ever had without cheating
Day 24 - A video you made yourself with Sims
Day 25 - Something that happens in Sims you wish happened in real life
Day 26 - Favorite place to download Sims custom content
Day 27 - The cheat you use most commonly and a cheat you rarely/never use
Day 28 - An expansion pack you wish EA would make
Day 29 - The reason you started playing Sims in the beginning
Day 30 - The reason you are still a Sims fan today

But I decided to do it as a questionnaire, rather than spam the shit out of myself. uninteresting answers here!Collapse )



Please come out of hiding, I don't bite :(

13 more cats!!

At some point, I need to stop.

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