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Robyn's Sims

Another Rope of Sand

Robyn's Sims2 Stuff
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sims2 challenges
This community has been created by me, hidden_kitten, for Sims2 legacy story-things and other sims-related stuff. Feel free to watch!

Here's a list of tags with a little explanation. The comm's main page has a tags sidebar for your ease.

Simming: for sims that I make. Entries will have details.
Greek Gods: I love them. I sim them.
SelfSim V2: My second attempt at a selfim legacy after I deleted the old one by accident. COMPLETE :D
Henderson Uglacy: The seemingly popular Henderson Uglacy, which has a friend of mine as the founder. Ongoing after 7 years. Deal with it.
Waterfords, Dynasts, Selfsim: Three legacies that were deleted by accident, they can be found in my personal memories, which are accessible by the links in the link.
The second founder challenge for legacy_writers, in a hood called Sedona. Winning sim by simrenity. I gave up, sorry.
Pview: I'm attempting a dramatic story using virgin Pleasantview. Sub-tags for the story are Goth, Caliente, Langerak, Dreamer, Pleasant, Burb, and Broke. More will be added if necessary. I lost inspiration to tell the story, but I am still playing it prosperity-style (I switch after every season...I'm on the third Spring now!)
Other: A catchall for all other Sims 2 challenges that I attempt (and horribly fail).

Please just ask if you see something I have that you would like, I don't mind and I will try my hardest to get you a link. Most of my stuff comes from MTS2, hair is from the booty or rissa, skins from selzi and rensim and EVERYWHERE, and eyes from many places (pooklet at GoS and Shadyline at MTS2, mostly).
Downloads I create are tagged; check the comm's tag page for easy access!